Mon Sep 25 2023

09 25

Vanderlande and AWL introduce Auto Induct picking solution


Door Liam van Koert

Vanderlande introduces Auto Induct - a new solution for robot picking. Developed in cooperation with AWL, an expert in mechanical engineering and robotics, Auto Induct enables robots to pick small items from a large stream of packages.



The collaboration combines Vanderlande's knowledge of parcel handling systems and processes with AWL's expertise in robotics. Auto Induct will help carriers, delivery and parcel companies cope with increasing volumes of small parcels and labor shortages. It will also enable them to increase the flexibility and scalability of their operations while increasing capacity.

The solution is designed to collect items weighing between 20 g and 5 kg and place them on a belt for further sorting. Auto Induct is configured for parcel companies that have a dedicated line for small items. Test results show that the robot can collect up to 1,500 items per hour.

In doing so, Auto Induct ensures that each package goes through the singling and sorting process in the most effective and accurate manner. The unique features have been proven in a controlled environment and are currently being tested in an operational facility in cooperation with a leading global parcel company.

Earlier this year, Vanderlande partnered with RightHand Robotics on a picking robot



"We are excited to partner with AWL on this innovative new solution," said Mike Christman, Executive Vice-President Parcel Solutions at Vanderlande. "We not only complement each other in terms of expertise and technical know-how, but also share an open and honest working culture. This will help us meet the challenges and complexities of this exciting project."

"Auto Induct delivers for both companies the first robotic solution specifically designed for the parcel sector," added Arjen Vos, Director Strategy & Development of AWL. "Development and testing results are positive and all our hard work is paving the way for a commercial launch in the second half of 2023."


Image and video: Vanderlande and AWL